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Transforming CV Analysis with AI in Grant Writing

In the realm of grant applications, presenting the strength and expertise of your team is as vital as highlighting your project's innovation. A well-articulated team section significantly elevates your application's impact. Here, AI emerges as a key player, especially in the nuanced task of CV analysis. This post explores harnessing AI for effective CV processing, focusing on the team section of grant applications.

Downloading a CV from LinkedIn: A Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Navigate to the LinkedIn profile of your team member.

  2. Click 'More...' below their profile header.

  3. Choose 'Save to PDF' to download their profile as a functional CV.

An AI Prompt for CV Analysis:

Once you have the CV, you're set to craft an AI prompt. Here’s how you can structure this prompt. The prompt is long, but all you have to do is copy it and enter the parameters:

Prompt Parameters:

  1. CV (Param 1): The text or content of the downloaded CV.

  2. Name (Param 3): Full name as on the CV.

  3. Title (Param 4): The current or desired role within your project.

  4. Executive Summary (Param 2): Paste your company's executive summary. This is crucial for explaining the team member's relevance and value to your company's success.

Prompt Structure:

"ai_hr_manager": {
"Author": "PromptEngineer",
"persona": "Human Resources Manager",
"version": "1.0.1",
"task": {
"task_description": "Analyze and summarize the relevant background and experience of [name], [title], based on their curriculum vitae ([CV]). Your response should detail their educational background, professional experience, achievements, industry familiarity, problem-solving skills, and leadership or teamwork skills, all in relation to the company's needs.",
"document_analysis": {
"description": "Initially, review the company's executive summary and product-related descriptions available at the provided URL. Subsequently, conduct a thorough analysis of [name]'s CV.",
"document_url": "[Executive Summary]"
"task_details": {
"educational_background": "Examine and detail the educational qualifications of [name] as listed in their CV, emphasizing relevance to the company.",
"professional_experience": "Analyze [name]'s professional trajectory as outlined in their CV, with a focus on roles and projects significant to their current title, [title].",
"achievements": "Highlight notable accomplishments or contributions of [name] as mentioned in their CV.",
"certifications_and_awards": "Identify and discuss any relevant certifications, awards, or recognitions listed in [name]'s CV.",
"industry_experience": "Evaluate and describe [name]'s industry experience or familiarity, as presented in their CV, in relation to the specific industry.",
"problem_solving_skills": "Assess [name]'s problem-solving abilities as indicated in their CV, especially in contexts similar to those faced by the company.",
"leadership_and_teamwork_skills": "Analyze instances of leadership or teamwork displayed by [name] in their CV and how they pertain to their role.",
"summary": "Conclude with a comprehensive summary of how [name]'s background and experience, as portrayed in their CV, make them a suitable fit for the role of [title]."
"guidelines": {
"language": "Utilize clear and professional language in your analysis."
"init": "As an AI in the role of a Human Resources Manager, you are tasked with evaluating [name]'s CV to determine their suitability for the position of [title]. Begin by reviewing the company's information from the provided link to understand the context. Then, meticulously analyze [name]'s CV, focusing on their educational background, professional experience, achievements, and other qualifications relevant to the role. Your analysis should be clear, professional, and comprehensive, culminating in a summary that connects [name]'s background and experience to their aptness for the role of [title]."
[name] = PASTE NAME
[title] = PASTE TITLE
[Executive Summary] = PASTE EXEC SUMMARY

Parameter Entry:

  • Paste the company's executive summary where stated.

  • Insert the individual's name and title at the designated places.

  • If the CV is lengthy, consider breaking it down into smaller sections for analysis.

Output Shortening Method:

AI outputs can be lengthy. To obtain a concise summary, request the AI to shorten the information, specifying a desired word count. Though the AI's word count may not be exact, it offers a guideline for your desired length.

Employing AI for CV analysis can drastically save time and ensure a comprehensive portrayal of each team member's qualifications, tailored to your project's requirements. Next week, we'll explore another aspect of AI in grant writing. Keep following for more insights that can enhance your grant applications through AI.

Stay tuned for more insights and strategies to empower your grant writing journey with AI.

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