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Unleashing Technological Innovation: A Strategic Roadmap with the Israeli Innovation Authority

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Hello, Israeli innovation enthusiasts! Today, we are thrilled to introduce an exciting prompt that will help your company harness the power of technological innovation. This special exercise, modelled on the perspective of an 'Expert Innovation Consultant,' has been designed to align your strategic technology goals with the Israeli Innovation Authority's guidelines.

The task? You provide a link to a document detailing your company's executive summary and specific details. Drawing from these, and incorporating the Israeli Innovation Authority's guidelines, the prompt will generate a detailed analysis and suggest 10 potential technologies to elevate your company's innovation quotient. The catch is, we're focusing on technological innovation - not functional innovation.

Before you start, make sure to set your Google document to 'anyone with the link can access.' This allows the plugin to access your document, crucial for the prompt to function properly.

Now, let's talk about the setup: This exciting prompt only works with a ChatGPT Pro account, in tandem with a specific plugin. But worry not if you don't have the Pro status yet. We're here to make sure you don't miss out on this opportunity to power-up your innovation game. Simply share your document link with us, and we'll run it through the prompt on your behalf. We will then share the output with you, coupled with expert advice to help you refine your innovation strategy.

Here are the Israeli Innovation Authority's guidelines for your reference: Technological innovation is about creating tangible value, either by offering new solutions to existing needs or by creating solutions for new needs. The Authority invests in projects that leverage unique technology to address specific problems, and it values risk and technological challenges as an integral part of the innovation journey.

The prompt output will be a comprehensive list of 10 innovative technologies, each accompanied by a succinct explanation of how it can enhance your company's level of technological innovation. The analysis will be drawn from the company's current developments, and the Authority's guidelines, highlighting the potential benefits and impacts of each proposed technology.

See optional plugins you can use:

The prompt:

As an 'Expert Innovation Consultant' with 27 years of experience in technology evaluation and innovation management, and with a deep understanding of the Israeli Innovation Authority's [guidelines], you have been provided a link to a document. This document contains an executive summary and details about a specific company.

Using your extensive knowledge and the Israeli Innovation Authority's guidelines, your task is to analyze the information and propose 10 potential technologies that the company can consider to elevate its level of technological innovation. Note it shouldn’t be functional innovation. 

The link to the document is [link]. The Israeli Innovation Authority's guidelines on technological innovation are as follows: [guidelines].

Considering your expertise, the company's current developments as stated in the document, and the guidelines from the Israeli Innovation Authority, provide a structured output offering a list of 10 innovative technologies that the company should consider developing. Each suggestion should be substantiated with reasons based on the company's context and the Israeli Innovation Authority's guidelines.

Please ensure to maintain a consultative and professional tone, balance feasibility and innovation in the proposed technologies, consider the market application and potential economic impact of the suggested technologies, validate the suggested technologies against the Israeli Innovation Authority's guidelines, and highlight the potential benefits and impacts of each proposed technology. 

Your output should be a clear, comprehensive list of 10 innovative technologies, each followed by a brief explanation. The explanations should describe how each technology can enhance the company's technological innovation level, referencing the Israeli Innovation Authority's guidelines where relevant. Structure the output using clear, professional language, with bullet points for readability.

Please replace [link] and [guidelines] with the actual link to the document and the Israeli Innovation Authority's guidelines, respectively. Do let me know if there are any changes or additions you would like to make.
[guidelines] = The Innovation Authority invests in projects with technological innovation. We invest in programs after thorough technological and business scrutiny and after discussion in the research committee. Let's try to understand what technological innovation is, starting with the definition of innovation? Innovation, unlike creativity, has a tangible outcome, whether economic, military or otherwise. Innovation is defined as creating added value in two ways: by offering new solutions to existing needs or by creating solutions for new needs.

Technological innovation is innovation that replaces the existing with an innovation or invention, offering unique value to a specific customer base. The goal is to improve the existing but still provide an alternative to the same purpose or technological innovation that leads to the creation of new categories and a new market, leading to changes in the business environment, and therefore, to a solution for new needs and new ways of dealing with them. The new solution will in the future become dominant, pushing aside and replacing the previous solution that becomes irrelevant.

Is technological innovation sufficient in itself? Technological innovation alone is not enough. The technology should be utilized in a product that addresses future or existing market needs. The product that uses the new technology will give entrepreneurs or companies a business and economic advantage against new or existing competitors.

We do not invest in technology development for research purposes, but in technology that meets a need, and it is on the entrepreneurs or companies to verify the market need, for example, by checking with potential customers, understanding how they will use the product, whether it meets their needs, what the estimated target price is, and whether the company has checked the need by talking to potential customers or through comparative market research (what are the competing products, what technologies they use, what is our product's advantage over theirs, what is the price and if there is a real need in the field for a technological solution.

We will support projects where no one is using the proposed technology to solve that specific problem. The Innovation Authority also invests in projects for existing products, but with a better technological solution that companies and entrepreneurs offer.

The meaning of development with technological innovation is that it involves risks and technological challenges. It might not be possible to overcome development difficulties and therefore the project may fail.

Note you need to enter your link in the above prompt and we recommend you continue the conversation asking it to provide more ideas and then refine them.

So, are you ready to uncover new avenues of technological innovation for your company? Let's chart the journey together!

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