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Using ChatGPT to Identify Relevant Grants with ChatGPT

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

In the dynamic world of grant writing, the ability to swiftly identify the right opportunities is key to success. Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly ChatGPT, stands out as a formidable tool in this endeavor. My discussions with companies that provide comprehensive grant identification services highlight that their approach is often more in-depth and all-encompassing. However, it’s worth noting that if you, like many others, already utilize ChatGPT Pro, leveraging this tool for grant discovery becomes an effectively free service you can offer. ChatGPT's ability to rapidly process extensive information can be a game-changer, allowing you to pinpoint grants that are a perfect match for your clients' needs and significantly streamline the grant discovery process. This capability, especially when it takes just a couple of minutes, presents a valuable, cost-effective option for enhancing your service offerings.

ChatGPT, powered by advanced AI models, is more than just a search engine. It's designed to understand and process complex queries, offering a nuanced approach to finding information. This capability makes ChatGPT an invaluable asset in uncovering relevant grants, providing precise and comprehensive search results.

Step 1: Crafting Your Search Query with ChatGPT

The first step involves creating a tailored search query using ChatGPT. For instance, try prompting:

Please write a search query starting with the words "Please search for", for me to run on an AI with search capabilities to search for relevant grants for this company in the European Union: [PASTE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY]

You can modify the region or country in your prompt to customize the search according to your client's location and needs.

See example:

See the output:

Step 2: Utilizing the Outputted Search Query

Once you receive the search query generated by ChatGPT, copy and paste it. This AI-crafted query is fine-tuned to fetch the most relevant and specific grant options for your client’s requirements.

See example:

Step 3: Conducting a More In-depth, Detailed Search

After utilizing the initial search query, you can further refine and deepen your search to pinpoint even more specific grant opportunities. This step involves modifying your search query to ask for a more detailed and targeted analysis.

Please do an in-depth detailed search for PASTE THE SEARCH QUERY 

In this step, you’re specifically instructing ChatGPT to delve deeper, focusing on a niche area within the broader context of EU funding. This refocused query asks the AI to concentrate on finding grants that are not just relevant to the region and industry but also align with the unique characteristics and mission of the company in question.

Executing a more detailed search like this allows you to leverage ChatGPT’s ability to sift through complex, nuanced data. The AI will search across a wider array of sources to bring forward more specific opportunities that might be missed in a broader search. This approach is particularly beneficial when you're working with clients in specialized sectors or with unique project requirements.

See example

leveraging ChatGPT for grant identification in your consultancy practice offers a swift, efficient, and innovative approach to uncovering funding opportunities. While more comprehensive services might delve deeper, ChatGPT provides a quick and effective means to surface relevant grants, especially useful if you're already a ChatGPT Pro user. The tool’s advanced AI capabilities ensure that the search queries are not only precise but also tailored to your specific needs.

However, it's imperative to understand that the links and information provided by ChatGPT, sourced from web-based data and not directly from AI databases, are merely the initial steps in your grant discovery journey. While ChatGPT offers a valuable starting point, it's essential to conduct a thorough review of each grant's eligibility criteria and terms. This added layer of diligence ensures that you’re not just relying on the AI's initial findings, but are also making informed decisions about their applicability and alignment with your client’s needs. Incorporating ChatGPT into your grant search process is about more than adopting new technology; it’s about augmenting the value you deliver to your clients, saving time, and strategically streamlining the search for suitable and relevant grant opportunities.

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